Al bada- fixes any complicated electrical system including AC


With every passing day, you can notice a variety of new electronic appliances and devices in the marketplace with appealing features, which make our life very simple. But, when the warranty period of the manufacturer is over, finding a genuine, professional service provider may prove frustrating. So, we, at Al Bada, have come forward to help all the clients in Dubai.


Our aim as the professional technicians

As one of the electronic device repair specialists, our professionals are dedicated to offering the best maintenance service for all residential and commercial units. Our plan is to utilize our knowledge, hard work and commitment to offer you the highest quality of service, in all the projects that we assume.
We are really proud of the bonds that we make with our customers, and for this reason, our business achieves the exceptional results.  Al Bada is one stop solution that can provide you an affordable and specialized service for all kinds of electronic device problems in and around your house.

We handle the cooling systems of your house

AC repair or maintenance works must always be executed by the skilled, trade certified professionals. We are such technicians, and thus, undertake all types of AC repairing projects. We are also available during any emergency situation. Our expert technicians can diagnose, regulate or repair your existing home comfort system so that you would feel comfortable throughout year.

Repair your AC- Be cool all the time

Your AC system is possibly the largest and also the most expensive electrical device in your home. Possibly you have already faced a major trouble with AC in the past. If you feel that your utility bill in unexpectedly increasing due to your AC, then you should call us. We can identify the following problems-

  • The coil of the system is freezing up
  • Your AC carrying hot air
  • The compressor becomes constantly activated and deactivated
  • Air from the machine is not coming and leaking
  • The AC is receiving high ampere


We are able to repair not only the air conditioner but also all the electrical devices that are found in a residence. From various kitchen appliances, such as, microwave oven, juicers, and mixers to different entertainment gadgets, such as, the audio or video systems and dryers. In addition, we can also repair-

  • Washing machines– We can renovate broken machine or fix any type of problem that has been cropped up.
  • Laptop– You will see transparency from the beginning point to end in the laptop repairing service of our company
  • Mobile phone– We deal with Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia and many more brands. Whether you have hardware or software problems, you can come to us.
  • Refrigerator– We can offer all the solutions for your refrigerator issues like- the breakdown of ice-maker, water leakage, a cooling stoppage and high amount of noise.

So, whenever any of your electrical devices stop functioning, you should not get frustrated. Call us and we’ll instantly response to it.